Call for Projects

2024 – 2025

The purpose of the GLAM Incubator is to connect GLAM organizations (Galleries, Libraries, Archives, and Museums) with expertise and resources from the University of Toronto and industry partners. The Incubator is dedicated to prototyping and supporting small-scale, experimental and innovative projects, such as cutting-edge programming, service models, research tools, interactive experiences, knowledge media, and user interfaces. As an ethical approach to community partnerships, the Incubator is driven by the needs that GLAM organizations identify for themselves. The Incubator prioritizes projects that have the potential to expand beyond the initiating institution to impact the GLAM sector as a whole. The GLAM Incubator has previously supported projects at the Archives of Ontario, Fredericton Public Library, Toronto Public Library, Uxbridge Historical Society, Whitworth Art Gallery, Manchester Museum, and Myseum of Toronto. Please consult past projects here.

To be eligible for the GLAM Incubator, project proposals must:

  • Apply on behalf of a GLAM organization (i.e. the applicant must work within the organization or have a demonstrated history of partnership with the organization)
  • Be “small-scale” with a well-bounded project design (i.e. address a specific issue or timed opportunity)
  • Be short-term (max. 1 year duration)

The Incubator will use its resources and infrastructure to run multiple projects concurrently. Successful projects will be matched with a faculty member(s) from the University of Toronto whose expertise can help the project to achieve its goals. The Incubator will lend, purchase, or assist with the acquisition of technological equipment and software required for the project. It will also assist with project tasks such as event facilitation, graphic design, social media, research expertise, knowledge mobilization activities, project management, and other supports as necessary. The Incubator will help project leads secure external funding to sustain projects after incubation.

In exchange, project leads will collaborate with faculty and students in the Faculty of Information. Project teams are expected to participate in an annual showcase and to disseminate the results of the project through knowledge mobilization activities, public/community outreach, or publications, where applicable.

Incubator projects will be selected through an application process and adjudicated by the steering committee.


Applications are open to a wide range of GLAM organizations. Applicants must apply on behalf of a GLAM organization or network of organizations. Projects must address a challenge or opportunity that benefits a GLAM organization and demonstrate potential impact on the GLAM sector more broadly.

Please submit the following to no later than August 1, 2024:

  • Two-page description of the project;
  • Resume(s) of the lead applicant(s);
  • A list of potential equipment, space, expertise, administrative, and funding needs.

Any questions about applicant eligibility or the application process can be directed to Cate Cleo Alexander at We welcome inquiries from potential applicants.